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If you practice any physical activity, you should have heard of dietary supplements. Long known for top athletes fitness, or practitioners of modalities of high impact, supplements are increasingly sold in the country.

Very famous in the United States, supplements are part of a category of foods tightly controlled and monitored. Firstly, a supplement is not a medicine. The manufacturers of supplements do not need FDA approval, regulatory body for pharmaceutical products (and food), for a product to be launched in the market. Just to inform the FDA. Nevertheless, the FDA provides, through a program practices that the product sigue standards. Thus, when talking about a food supplement produced in the U.S., it is not something produced illegally.

There are hundreds of thousands of products being sold. What you see is a giant industry that grows precipitously, precisely because of this “feature” to launch new products. Not to mention the price, and the profits from the sale of supplements. With the growing demand for food called “nutritional”, given the dictatorship of beauty, fitness, more and more manufacturers clog American shelves.

A dietary supplement, strictly speaking, is nothing more than a supplement to the diet. Ie, it is assumed that a person, balanced diet, does not require supplementation. However, fans of food supplements argue, by a series of factors, which supplement helps in getting better results in conditioning.

Also known as food supplement or nutritional supplement, supplements offer in its composition nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, etc.. Commonly sold in powder, is “bulk”, pills, pills, tablets, bars, liquid supplement can not be offered as the only food, as being sufficient for a balanced diet. It should state explicitly that it is a supplement that aids in power. Still, the supplement can not promise healing, or any mention of therapeutic effects, because, as it is not medicine, has no scientific support for such.

Despite this silent war on the effectiveness of a dietary supplement on the support (or lack of) scientific, it is interesting to note that the market is crowded with companies that manufacture and sell such products. And this is the main reason for this post. Explain to those who have an interest in food supplements how to buy, thus avoiding major setbacks.

Firstly, selling supplement in certain countries is controlled. I’m not sure what level of control, or how it is done, but I know it is done. But there were many times when regulators intervened in importing supplements, which somehow protects consumers.

It is important to be aware of what goes on the market of food supplements. That’s because there is a strong advertising appeal, with an industry and unprecedented marketing. Everything is coming out, and that is sold through the sieve of the users on the basis of experimentation, pure and simple. No rigorous tests on effectiveness and efficiency, as is done outside. Not that there was to be done in a controlled and careful. But practically nonexistent this type of testing efficiency.

It is good to take the hook and say it, say the gossips, much of the research done for such supplements are commissioned research, with dubious results, questionable criteria, etc.. It’s like that old fight during elections, where several research institutes fight among themselves, and always raises the possibility of manipulation. The same happens with the supplement industry out there. ..

Turning back to the product offering, it is well known that there are hundreds of people who offer them. Generally speaking, people who are bought out, or others, or who knows how, and resell in several ways. Prices are sometimes interesting, compared to various well sites. Many vendors are experienced sellers, commonly use the product, and they know well what they are dealing with. What is important, since supplements offer benefits, but can also bring problems to health if used discriminately.

About the various sales sites supplements, without naming names, some even large, the “modus operandi” is similar. Buy yourself either by credit card slips, etc.. The biggest difference compared to the sellers and dealers would be on the company’s reputation (when there is a company) behind the supplements offered. That’s because there’s a name to protect. There is the issue of control, etc etc … which somehow brings greater confidence among consumers.

In both cases, however, there is an extremely important and that can not go unnoticed in this type of product. The question of the origin of the product. As cited earlier, the products come mainly from the USA. And there, despite all the control of the FDA and other regulators of complicated names, there is still risk of getting a product “made-up” fake. Low quality products, or products with little actual effect, also enter the list of alerts … Finally, there also exists outside this difficulty, this problem.

In the table, such products enter anywhere. And as much goodwill that a seller has, who ensures that the imported consignment, or even brought in from outside, is not deviant? When buying from a dealer in case of problems, the consumer is automatically taking risks that could be avoided. That same buying from sellers said “reliable”. The difficulty is inherent in this type of business, because there is no direct contact with the manufacturer / distributor.

This, not to mention that it is prohibited the resale of products purchased for personal use. Precisely what else happens out there …

What to do then? Clearly, the only solution would be to buy direct from the manufacturer / distributor. In fact, the only advice I can give here, and main reason for this post. This is because, when buying from outside, weeds out (cut up) the middleman, the national retailer. Choosing the right site, or dealer AMERICAN, decrease the risks of purchasing problematic, because the control of U.S. regulators are acting directly at the source. And at first, it is assumed that the inspection there should be much more serious than here. And even if not, if the purchase is made here with dealers or through online stores, American control is iffy … it is not known if there was even this control. No talking in the … two “controls” fleeing “control” of the consumer.

Beyond the question of reliability in the purchase, there is also the economy. Buy out, even with the fee charged for shipping, compensates. Compared to the prices here, the same product can cost half, for example. This is because, as has been said, it eliminates the middleman and eliminating also profit from it …

It runs the risk, yes, there is recovered by the post office. This is normal for purchases over $ 50.00. But even at that rate, it is more advantageous. So if your product does not fall into the hands of some more radical tax … because there are reports that exorbitant fees are sometimes charged, without any criteria. But these are isolated cases, subject to reconsideration, and affecting each and every type of product purchased abroad. It’s what they call being “tax and tax” …

Picking a good seller overseas is not difficult. There are hundreds of Top-Rated Sellers, or best sellers on eBay, American site for buying and selling products. Notice that deals with vendors, not stores. But we’re talking salesmen U.S. residents, subject to harsh penalties and inspections. And how are Top-Rated, for those unfamiliar with eBay, this means that sellers are savvy, reliable, with excellent reputation.

Finally, among the hundreds of sites available in the U.S., there are also websites and websites selling supplements. Likewise, many may bring some dissatisfaction, for several reasons. Ideally, in this case, is betting on sites that are reference in the subject, they are a long time in the market. And finding these sites is not as easy for the Brazilian public, due to difficulties with the language, is the amount of sites, either by exaggerated amount of sites that say “reviewers”, or evaluators, and may be subject to the aforementioned “evaluations commissioned.”

I quote here from a site, in my opinion reliable, firsthand. It is an old site with excellent references, and sends it to the world. Is HealthDesigns . In it, there are a multitude of products with affordable prices. The tax is low, and it is possible to pay by credit card.

Health Designs

Another recommended site is the iHerb ( ). It’s a famous site, with a very large amount of products, and low shipping too.

The first purchase at can give a bit of work, it is necessary to make a confirmation the first application. This confirmation is made through a symbolic collection of an amount between US$ 1.00 and US$ 2.00. You need to check the card bill to find out what the value between these two values, it was charged, and informing the site. This value is subsequently reversed on the invoice.

In iHerb ( ), you will receive a discount of 10% OFF. Just be careful with the rate at customs. At Health Designs , you have a discount of $ 5.00 on the first purchase.

iHerb Coupon Code

iHerb Coupon Code

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